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Are Screen Wipes Safe for Glasses?

In times when most of us are involved in our screens as part of our daily lives, keeping our glasses clean is essential to ensure we can see clearly and have our eyes protected from the blue rays emitted from these devices. A time-tested way to achieve this is by using specialized screen cleaning wipes, cloths, and sprays. However, with the plethora of cleaning products available, it's crucial to identify which ones are safe for your glasses. 

Using an adequate Ultrasound Cleaning Machine ensures adequate cleaning without damaging the glasses. Among all the available range of products in the market today, screen cleaning wipes have gained particular popularity for the convenience and effectiveness they offer. They are easy to carry and sustainable as one microfiber wipe can be used multiple times. But are these screen-cleaning wipes safe for your glasses? 

Here’s everything you need to know before you start using them:

  • Their compatibility with the type of lens you are using: While many assume that if screen cleaning wipes are able to clean a computer screen, they should also be able to clean different types of surfaces with the same effectiveness. However, that’s not the case. Different materials are used to create different types of lenses and while most of them are made with materials like plastic, glass, or even advanced materials like polycarbonate, they might need special care while cleaning. 

    Using a standard cleaning cloth for them can cause scratches and eventually dull how you are seeing the world. However, if you are using a microfiber cleaner without any solution for cleaning, there’s a chance it will be effective in cleaning your glasses. In the case of plastics or polycarbonates, it is vital to strictly avoid using any cleaning agent as there’s always a chance these materials may end up reacting. 

    Additionally, it is crucial to always use gentle, non-abrasive cleaners to prevent any damage from happening. Notably, many glasses come with special coating to prevent UV rays or bright light to harm the eyes, it is essential to ensure that no chemical-based cleaning agent is coming in contact with them as they can potentially damage the protective layer and eventually, the glasses. 

  • The frequency of cleaning: While cleaning the glasses once a day usually is enough, there’s always a chance you might come across situations where cleaning your glasses more than once will be required. This makes it crucial to invest in cleaning clothes that can withstand multiple cycles of use without falling short on the quality of cleaning. For instance, a student who is exposed to areas like the playground will need to clean their glasses more often than someone who is working at an office. Taking the frequency of times, you will need to clean your glasses ensures you are able to choose a high-quality cloth that regardless of the number of times has been used, still manages to deliver satisfactory results. 
  • If you are planning to pair the cleaning cloth with a solution: A cleaning cloth (especially the micro-fiber one) is usually enough to get rid of any kind of stains, dirt, debris, and irritants that could be resting on your glasses. However, there will be times when you will need more than scrubbing to clean your glasses. Stains, especially the ones that are due to water (sweating or from a splash of water while you were drinking from a bottle) are hard to detect while you are wearing the glasses. 

    It may seem that you are unable to see clearly but the true nature of dirt will be difficult to detect. That’s when having a complementing cleaning solution can help. There are a wide range of solutions available that you can use, it is always best to check for allergies to determine if these products suit your skin and eyes. 

    Alternatively, you can try creating your own glass cleaner by simply filling a spray bottle with ¾ of it with rubbing alcohol, adding not more than two drops of liquid dish soap (used for cleaning hands), and filling the rest of the bottle with water. This solution is highly effective and mostly likely not to cause any skin irritations or you can buy this pair to keep your glasses squeaky clean. 

  • While many of us do not realize this, taking care of your glasses is paramount to ensuring you are able to see clearly and are able to protect yourself from unexpected accidents. A hazy, unclear, and stained pair of glasses not only looks unkempt but also makes your eyes vulnerable to infections. Using a microfiber cloth with a non-allergic cleaning solution is an effective and smart way to ensure your glasses are always clean. These cleaning wipes are efficient, easy on the pocket, and low-maintenance but high-performing. The versatility of micro-fiber clothes makes them a worthy investment. Visit Business Goals Royal for more information and excellent products for your daily needs.

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