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In 2020 we had adopted our first dog. It was a dog of a Weimaraner breed. He was beautiful brown in color. My husband and I both came up with a name for him. My husband came up with the name Bob and I came up with the name Ster. Because we couldn't choose one of those name we came up with the idea of merging the names. So we called him Bobster.

We fell in love with the dog

When we first saw Bobster we inmediately fell in love with him. He was very calm and well- mannered. Bobster had had a very bad life with his previous owner. He was very very skinny. We could see his bones on his body. He also had physical injuries all over his body.

We took care of him

We took care of him and in a very short time he was back to full strenght. He started playing and being more active. Since he was the only dog we had we believe that he missed his dog-friends because one they he was gone. We searched everywhere for him but could'nt find him anywhere. We've called our neighbours to see if they had seen him but he had disappeared and no one had seen him. But after two days, we were able to find him again.

Dog collar with GPS

Only then did we realized that we needed a dog collar with GPS. If we had bought the Collar earlier we would'nt have lost Bobster for two days. Let me tell you why: the dog collar with GPS ensures that you exactly where your pet is. This way we could be certain that our dog is safely inside. Be honest, not knowing where your pet is can causes a huge amount of stress, doesn't it?

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