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4 Inch HD Mp3 Mp4 Player

4 Inch HD Mp3 Mp4 Player

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4 Inch HD Mp3 Mp4 Player Full Touchscreen Bluetooth 5.0 Built-in Speaker
Product parameters:

Display size: 4.0 inches

Storage capacity flash memory: 8GB-16GB

Expansion card: support MICROSD (TF) card

Operating system: Android system

Video format: full format

Music format: full format

Headphone interface: 3.5mm

Product size:106*62*10mm

Battery capacity:1500mAh

External amplification:BOX speaker

Bluetooth-compatible:Support Bluetooth-compatible 5.0



- Full capacitive touch screen, with 4.0-inch IPS large screen, smooth touch experience

- Support MP4/AMV and other formats playback, eye protection large screen, video playback more clear

- Immersive music experience, support APE, WAV, FLAC and other lossless formats, can synchronize the lyrics

- Bluetooth-compatible 5.0, Bluetooth-compatible headphones, Bluetooth-compatible stereo and other Bluetooth-compatible audio devices can be connected, more stable connection, better sound quality

- Multifunctional e-book, full-screen reading, four kinds of use functions only to give you a better reading experience

- Player expandable memory, large-capacity storage for a variety of needs at your fingertips, access to PC-like storage space, easy to deal with large files

- 4.0-inch high-resolution display, photo display larger and clearer support for most picture formats such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF

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