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Automatic Salt And Pepper Grinder

Automatic Salt And Pepper Grinder

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Introducing the Rechargeable Electric Pepper Grinder Salt and Pepper Mills, the ultimate solution to elevate your culinary experience effortlessly. Crafted by Xiaomi Cooperative Manufacturers, renowned for innovation and quality, this grinder is your companion in the kitchen, designed to bring convenience, freshness, and precision to your seasoning ritual.

Always Ready for You: Say goodbye to the hassle of manual grinding or constantly replacing AAA batteries. Our electric pepper grinder features a built-in rechargeable Lithium Battery, ensuring you're always ready to grind with just a simple Type-C charging. With an ultra-long standby time, a single charge can support 200-300 uses, offering uninterrupted convenience for your culinary adventures.

Freshness at Your Fingertips: With just one touch, experience the effortless operation of our grinder. No need to press and hold a switch; simply tap once to activate. Unlike gravity-operated grinders that compromise freshness by returning broken spices to the container, ours ensures each grind is fresh and full of flavor. The crushed spices remain at the bottom, ready for your next use, preserving their aroma and taste.

Meticulous Design, Maximum Convenience: Crafted with a meticulous attention to detail, our grinder boasts a spacious spice container with a wide mouth for easy refills. The acrylic body is not only durable but also BPA-free, ensuring the safety of your spices. Adjust the coarseness of your grind with ease using the grinder knob, and illuminate your culinary creations with the integrated LED light, providing clear visibility of your seasoning.


  • Rated Power: 25W
  • Input Power: 10W
  • Main Material: ABS
  • Silo Capacity: 70ml
  • Product Size: 5550180mm
  • Product Net Weight: 200±20g
  • Packing Size: 6055214mm

100% Good Service Guarantee: Your satisfaction is our priority. Should you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated customer service team is here to assist you promptly, ensuring your culinary journey is smooth and enjoyable.

Elevate your seasoning game with the Rechargeable Electric Pepper Grinder Salt and Pepper Mills. Experience freshness, convenience, and precision like never before. Order now and revolutionize your kitchen experience!

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