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Car Warning Triangle

Car Warning Triangle

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Car Warning Triangle Tripod LED Lighting 12V USB Charging Port

[Product Name]: Three-in-one warning sign

[Product packaging]: color box

[Product Model]: BY-1058

[Product color]: yellow red

[Product size]: 17*18*4CM

[Material Quality]: Plastic LED

[Power supply voltage]: 12V

[Charge]: Solar charge, power cord charge

[Illumination]: Four lighting methods


Solar warning lights, safe parking and accident prevention. On foggy days, it warns of passing vehicles, and powerful light of the spotlight prevents rear-end collisions. Anti-shock and anti-fall, composed of powerful consumables, heavier than tripods, and thickened anti-fall angles. Integrated warning outdoor lighting, 6400 mAh large capacity, outdoor high beam light, travel camping light, mobile phone power bank, parking warning light integration. LED customized lamp beads, strong penetrating power, 38W output power.

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