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Phone Laptop Holder

Phone Laptop Holder

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Continuity Flip Phone Laptop Holder


Introducing the Continuity Flip iPhone Laptop Mount – an ingenious solution to elevate your workspace and streamline your multitasking experience. This slim and stylish magnetic phone holder seamlessly attaches to laptops and monitors, revolutionizing your productivity by providing a versatile hub for your iPhone. Its cutting-edge 180° swivel capability allows effortless positioning for video calls, content consumption, or app monitoring, ensuring your iPhone is always at the optimal angle. The adjustable magnetic arm guarantees a secure grip, enabling swift adjustments on the go. Keep your iPhone at eye level for seamless work, streaming, and collaboration, all while maintaining a clutter-free desk. Embrace the perfect blend of efficiency and elegance with the Continuity Flip iPhone Laptop Mount.


  • Magnetic Attachment: Securely attaches to laptops and monitors for a stable and reliable connection.
  • 180° Swivel Capability: Provides versatile positioning options for optimal viewing angles during video calls, content consumption, and app monitoring.
  • Adjustable Magnetic Arm: Ensures a secure grip on your iPhone while allowing quick and easy adjustments to cater to your changing needs.
  • Slim and Sleek Design: Enhances the aesthetics of your workspace without adding bulk or clutter.
  • Elevated Productivity: Keep your iPhone at eye level for enhanced multitasking, productivity, and seamless collaboration.
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