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Small Dog Goggles

Small Dog Goggles

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Small Dog Goggles: 

Protect dogs' eyes from strong sunlight, UV, wind or debris, especially if dogs like hanging their head out the car window. Provide daily protection for dogs with eye sensitive, also with cool looking to dress up your dog.
Essential Outdoor Partner: If you love to go outdoor adventure with your doggie, like bike riding, car driving, boating or hiking, these glasses would be very helpful to protect dog's eyes, make your journey more enjoyable.

Comfortable & Lightweight: Specially designed curved lens with soft foam pad inside, make the goggles can fit more dogs with different face shape, also comfortable to wear and can sit well on nose.
Train your Dog: Dogs may not like to wear the goggles at first, just have patience with them, take some training and treats, they will slowly get use to the goggles.
Suggest for Small Dogs: Length 6", height 1.5", suggest for small breed dog like Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy poodle, Maltese etc. With adjustable straps, you can adjust length based on your dog's head size.
Goggles Length: 6", Height: 1.5", Adjustable Head Strap: 13.5"-18", Adjustable Chin Strap: 6"-9".

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