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Foot Dead Skin Remover

Foot Dead Skin Remover

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 Product Description: Electric Dead Skin Remover Machine
  • Brand New and High Quality: 100% brand new with a net weight of 170g.

  • Voltage/Power/Battery Capacity: Operates at 3.7V with 2W power and a 500mAh battery capacity.

  • Compact Design: Machine size is 20.893.9cm, making it convenient and portable.

  • Material: Made of durable ABS and Micro-abrasive Particles for effective performance.

  • Key Features: a. Ergonomic Design: Soft handle with a non-slip feature for increased comfort during use. b. Hard Skin Removal: Rollers with hard skin removal particles rotate gently yet effectively, making it easy to remove hard skin from the soles of your feet. c. Roller Replacement: Change rollers regularly for hygienic and convenient use.


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