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Foot warming Treasure

Foot warming Treasure

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Electric Foot Heater Pads USB Portable Foot Warmer Heating Power Saving Warm Foot Cover

Product name: Foot warming treasure
Voltage/power: 5V/10W
Material: flannel + lamb fluff

Product Features:
- The heating piece adopts high temperature resistant silicone hot wire, with fast heating, stable temperature and very low electrical radiation.
- USB interface design is used to facilitate the connection of various power supply interfaces, including mobile charger, car USB interface, computer USB, mobile phone charging bank, etc. It is convenient to carry with you anytime and anywhere. -5V USB power supply design to avoid high voltage (220 volt) radiation to the human body harm, and safer, the line cut will not have the danger of electric shock, suitable for long time use, harmless to the human body, can be assured to use.

Intelligent temperature control:
The heater is equipped with an intelligent temperature control chip, which automatically cuts off the power when the temperature is higher than 55 ° C and heats up when the temperature is lower than 40 ° C. Ensure the safety and comfort of use.

Precautions for use:
-A standard 5 volt USB power device must be used for power supply. When the voltage is higher than 5 volts, the service life of the product will be affected and the service experience will be reduced. Disconnect the USB power supply if it is not used for a long time.                          
-After cleaning, it must be completely traced before it can be used with electricity. It is not allowed to be energized in the wet state.

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