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Electric Juicer Multifunctional

Electric Juicer Multifunctional

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Electric slow juicer Multifunctional Fruit Vegetable Blender uice extractor Screw Electric citrus press


1. Easy to disassemble and disassemble, easy to disassemble and wash, surpassing 98% of the juicers on the market, 5 seconds to install, 3 seconds to install and disassemble. Cleaning only takes 1 minute.

2. It does not occupy space, but has a small body with a large diameter, which is 1/3 smaller than the large-caliber juice machine on the market.

3.97% high pure juice rate, the pure juice rate measured by the carrot residue method exceeds 99% of the original juicers on the market.

4. Triple filtration has zero slag feeling, the pore size of the filter screen decreases, and the filtration is more thorough

Filter free and slag free, easy to rinse
Using a fine and dense filter screen, the juice separation is more thorough, easy to rinse without residue
Adopting a fine and dense filter screen, with smaller diameter and denser gaps, effectively separating pulp and residue, ensuring smooth and non clogging of the juice

Direct Juicing of Fruits and Vegetables without Fine Cutting Pure fruit juice is directly consumed

1.Gently press down on the squeezing cupInstall to host      2.Put in the filter screen   3.Put in the filter screen  4.Align the grinding disc with the lower clamp and place it  in the squeezing cup for installation

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