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M6 Large Caliber Juicer

M6 Large Caliber Juicer

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Product parameters

Product name: M6 13cm large caliber juice
separation machine
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated voltage: 220V~
Rated power: 300W
Net weight: 3.5KG
Gross weight:3.85KG
Product size: 207x206x431mm
Type: Juice Residue Separation

13CM Large Caliber Juicer Main features:

*13CM large caliber, large fruit and vegetable whole juice extraction.
*Tritan material, upgraded gyroscope for greater wear and corrosion resistance.
*1.8L large capacity juice barrel, capable of accommodating a large number of fruits and vegetables for simultaneous juice extraction.
*150 Nm automotive grade torque, continuously pressing 400kg carrots without jamming.
*Soft fruit juice extraction with less residue. Upgrade the juice extraction system to produce more juice and reduce waste.
*2-layer filtration to 3-layer filtration for more thorough juice separation.
*1 minute disassembly and installation, surpassing many traditional juice machines.

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