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Modern 3D Electronic Alarm

Modern 3D Electronic Alarm

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Led Digital Clock Lamp Modern 3D Electronic Alarm

1.LED Screen Display - Not only for showing time, but also for make-up application.
2.Temperature Mode (°C or °F) for choice: Built-in temperature sensor, take a while to display the correspondingly indoor temperature. 3.Snooze Function: Snooze interval time can be set from 5-60 minutes as your need.
4.Time (AL / PM): Large Number display with 12-24 hour format selection.
5.Easy Set: With five function button (Mode, Alarm, Snz/Light,Up, Down). long press or short press buttons to set.
6.Suitable: Home Bedroom Living Room Bedside Office Table Desk Decoration
1. Please tear off the screen protector before you use the clock.
2. When powered by battery, press SNZ/LIGHT button, the LED will light on 5s.
3. When powered by USB cable, the LED light will stay on.
4. Can not use USB CABLE & BATTERY as power supply in the sametime.

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