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Pet Rear Legs Support

Pet Rear Legs Support

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Size:Adjustable range of webbing 40-70CM/15.8-27.6"
Weaving bandwidth 2CM/0.8"
Material:100% Cotton
Season:All seasons
Brand Name:None
Type:Recovery Sleeve
Is Smart Device:No

1. Made of coral fleece, durable, easy to carry, very soft and comfortable, suitable for dogs in autumn and winter to keep warm and comfortable, with two grip handles to assist each other, strong and durable.
2. The back leg support harness is designed to help your friends, who cannot pass the stairs, have difficulty getting on and off the car, need help walking and are in danger of falling.
3. If you are injured or suffer from orthopedic disease or arthritis, degenerative myelopathy or other debilitating dogs, you can help your elderly dog to walk and climb; the ideal auxiliary sling can be used after orthopedic surgery The dog recovered.
4. It is easy to wear, has a soft and strong fit, can be held more firmly, and it only takes a few seconds to provide support for your dog.
5. The auxiliary belt will not hinder you when she needs to "walk", and it can be easily removed when needed. After use, just fold it and put it in a portable bag. Machine washable.

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