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Kitchen Utensil Set

Kitchen Utensil Set

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Feature 1: Pink
Feature 2: Silicone kitchenware
Feature 3: High temperature resistance
Feature 4: Small silicone kitchenware set
Feature 5: Special kitchenware for shovel non-stick pan
Feature 6: Baby food supplement mini spatula
Feature 7: Leak shovel
Feature 8: Household small spatula
Feature 9: Kitchen accessories
Feature 10: kitchen tools
Feature 11: Cooking utensils
Feature 12: portable
Feature 13: Not easily deformed

Stainless Steel:
  • Practical Combo Set: Ideal for baking, suitable for novices. Features silicone material for food contact, with high temperature resistance up to 230°C, ensuring long-term use without deformation. Stylish color matching complements modern kitchens.

Silicone Oil Brush:

  • Kitchen Cooking Helper: Versatile tool for various cooking tasks.

Nipple Silicone Material:

  • Made from baby pacifier-grade silicone, offering high temperature resistance without melting or deformation. Ensures food safety and care.

Multi-Thread Silicone Eggbeater:

  • Features an eggbeater head with reinforced inner core and elongated threads for even and powerful stirring. Made of silent silicone, flexible, and durable.


  • Beveled design serves as a small scraper or stir-fry spatula, leaving no edges behind. Resistant to high temperatures up to 230°C without deformation.

Good-Looking Kitchen Utensils:

  • Stylish color matching complements modern kitchens, enhancing your baking experience.

Basic Information:

  • Material: Silicone and electroplated stainless steel.
  • Precautions: Newly opened silicone may have a slight odor; ventilate and dry after cleaning. Avoid placing near open flames and refrain from scratching with sharp objects.

Suspension Design:

  • Rear hanging hole allows for convenient storage without occupying extra space.

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