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Foot Warmer

Foot Warmer

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Portable Flannel Foot Warmer Electric Heated Foot Fast Heating Pad

*Direct plug and use
*5V USB power supply
*50-60 ℃ constant temperature heating
*Soft flannel composite fabric

1. High Quality Flannel Composite Fabric:

Made of high-quality flannel composite fabric, it is light, soft, and comfortable, with good thermal insulation and long service life.

2. 50-60 ℃ Constant Heating Temperature:

As a necessary warming artifact in winter, it heats at a constant temperature (50-60℃) to bring comfortable warmth to your feet in cold weather and drive away the cold.

3. 5V USB Cable Powered:

Universal USB interface, compatible with a variety of charging devices, such as adapters, mobile power supplies, car USB interfaces, computers, etc.

4. Suitable for Multiple Occasions:



Name: Electric Foot Warmer
Material: Flannel composite fabric
Color: Gray
USB cable: 5V/1.78A
Power: 10W
Power cable length: 1.2m
Heating temperature: 50-60 ℃
Net weight: 0.142KG
Product dimensions: 29*29*2.5CM

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