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Three-in-One Wireless Charger

Three-in-One Wireless Charger

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Introducing the Three-in-One Wireless Charger – a sleek and efficient solution for charging multiple devices simultaneously. With its stylish aluminum alloy frame, specular glass charging panel, and ergonomic design, this charger not only looks great but also enhances usability. The 60-degree tilted angle allows for comfortable screen viewing while charging. Built-in dual coils, a large induction range, and a non-slip silicone mat ensure safe and efficient charging. The LED indicator and Foreign Object Detection provide added convenience and security. A high-performance centrifugal fan with adjustable speeds keeps devices cool during powerful charging. With overheat protection, this charger ensures the safety of your valuable devices.


  • Type: Three in one
  • Charging current: 1500 mA
  • Battery type: Without battery
  • Indication function: Yes
  • Interface: Type-C
  • Color: Black
  • Wireless charging efficiency: Up to 15 watts
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