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Dog Training Device - Walkie Talkie Collar

Dog Training Device - Walkie Talkie Collar

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Wireless Dog Training Collar with Intercom Function

Product Functions:

  1. Walkie-talkie: Built-in intercom system allows one-way communication between you and your pet.
  2. Rechargeable: Both the remote and receiver are rechargeable.
  3. Waterproof Receiver: Designed to be waterproof, allowing your pet to swim or walk in the rain.
  4. Adjustable Levels: Customize Vibration and Shock modes with levels from 0-99.
  5. Four Training Modes: Choose from Shock, Vibration, Light, and Sound.
  6. Three Channels: Supports up to three Receivers with one Remote.
  7. Auto Power Save: Enters standby mode after a period of inactivity to conserve battery life.

Key Definitions:

  1. Antenna: Transmits signals effectively.
  2. LED Light: Toggle on/off with a button press.
  3. LCD Screen: Displays modes, levels, and channels.
  4. Shock Button: Select Shock mode, adjust levels, and activate.
  5. Vibrate Button: Select Vibrate mode, adjust levels, and activate.
  6. Walkie-talkie Button: Activate intercom function.
  7. - Button: Decrease levels.
  8. + Button: Increase levels.
  9. Channel Button: Choose between CH1/CH2/CH3.
  10. Power Button: Turn Remote on/off.
  11. Light Button: Activate LED light on Remote.

Product Features:

  • Intercom Function: Allows real-time communication between you and your pet, fostering immediate response to instructions.
  • Long Range: Remote control distance up to 3000 feet, unaffected by obstacles.
  • Rechargeable & Waterproof: Lithium-ion battery offers 35 days standby for receiver and 60 days for remote. IPX7 waterproof receiver.
  • Versatile Training Modes: Features Vibration, Shock, Light, and Sound modes with adjustable levels.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Separate buttons for each function, allowing prompt training responses.
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