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Electric Nail Clipper

Electric Nail Clipper

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1. This electric nail clipper can trim and polish nails at one time. The torque speed can be adjusted in two gears, and the corners can also be cut cleanly.
2. 3D precise hole position, gold 45° angle, large torque output, easy and safe cutting of hard and thick nails and soft nails, also available for young children and elderly people.
3. Alloy cutter head, precise and sharp angle, sharp and durable, cutting nails cleanly, can be used for more than 10 years.
4. The built-in storage bin can be used to store nail fragments. It is operated with one hand when cleaning. It is fun and depressurized by pressing lightly to dump the debris.
5. The compact body is easy to carry, and it can be put in your pocket and carry-on bag at will.
6. With USB charging design.
Material: ABS
Color: black/pink/white/red/green
Size: 7.8*8*3.3CM
Weight: 0.095KG
Packing size: 10.7*10.7*6CM

Packing List:
1* Nail clipper
1* Small brush
1* USB Charging Cable
1* User Manual
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