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The Pet Care - Auto Drink Fountain

The Pet Care - Auto Drink Fountain

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Automatic Pet Feeder & Auto Drink Fountain: Your Pet's Smart Feeding and Hydration Solution

Stay Connected with WIFI Feeder & 2.4GHz Smart Control Experience the convenience of our WIFI-enabled Automatic Pet Feeder and Auto Drink Fountain. With a quick 2.4GHz connection, you can easily control your pet's feeding and hydration schedule right from your smartphone (Android/iOS). Whether you're at home or away, feed your pets remotely, set meal times, and adjust portion sizes with just a few taps on the app. Please note: This device requires a 2.4GHz network to operate.

Healthy Feeding & Customizable Portions Maintain a healthy diet for your pets with our feeder's 3.5L food capacity and customizable feeding schedule. Use the app to schedule multiple meals throughout the day and set the portion size for each feeding. Keep your pets fit and avoid overfeeding with our smart feeding system.

Voice Interaction & Device Sharing Make mealtime even more special with voice recordings! Record a message for your pet and play it during meal times. Share access to the feeder with family and friends, allowing multiple users to control the device simultaneously.

Quality Material & Easy to Clean Our pet feeder is made of environmentally friendly and durable ABS material. The detachable design makes it easy to clean and maintain. Plus, the feeder features dual power options - DC5V/1A adapter or 3 AA batteries (not included) with automatic power-saving capabilities.

Advanced Features & Customer Service The built-in intelligent chip automatically detects motor issues, ensuring the motor's protection. The water fountain boasts a 4-filtration system for clean and oxygen-rich water. With a large 67oz 2.0L capacity, it's suitable for cats, dogs, birds, and other small pets. The LED water level indicator and 3 flower flow design add to its functionality and appeal.

Key Features:

  • Healthy Feeding: Customize feeding times and portion sizes via the app.
  • Quick 2.4GHz Connection: Connect and control via smartphone app.
  • Voice Interaction: Record personalized messages for mealtime.
  • Dual Power Mode: Adapter power or battery backup for uninterrupted feeding.
  • Easy to Clean: Detachable design for hassle-free cleaning.
  • 4-Filtration System: Provides clean, oxygen-rich water.
  • Large Capacity: 67oz 2.0L capacity suitable for various pets.
  • LED Water Level Indicator: Easy monitoring, even at night.
  • 3 Flower Flow Design: Multiple flow patterns to attract pets to drink more.

Customer Service & Warranty The perfect Christmas gift! We offer lifetime technical support and guarantee satisfaction with each purchase. Contact us with any questions or concerns, and we'll assist you within 24 hours.

Product Specifications:

  • Automatic Pet Feeder Gross Weight: Approx. 0.97kg
  • Automatic Pet Feeder Net Weight: Approx. 0.8kg
  • Automatic Pet Feeder Size: 17.8cm x 16.3cm x 32.3cm
  • Pet Water Fountain Size: 6.3in x 6.3in x 5in
  • Pet Water Fountain Capacity: 67oz 2.0L

Upgrade your pet care routine with our Automatic Pet Feeder & Auto Drink Fountain. Order now and provide your pets with a healthier and more convenient feeding and hydration solution!

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