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The Pet Care - Boqii Automatic Pet Feeder

The Pet Care - Boqii Automatic Pet Feeder

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Smart Pet Feeder: Convenient, Customizable, and User-Friendly

Product Highlights:

  • Easy Setup & User-Friendly App: Setting up the automatic pet feeder is hassle-free with a simple 3-step process to connect the app. No additional authorization is required, and daily feeding records are automatically saved. Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with the app's display light turned off.

  • Versatile Feeding Modes: Choose from 3 feeding modes tailored to your pet's needs:

    • Feeding Schedule: Set up to 10 meals with 20 portions per meal per day, perfect for maintaining your pet's regular feeding routine.
    • App Feeding Mode: Replenish food anytime through the app, ideal for those unexpected feeding needs.
    • Manual Feeding: Operate the feeder directly to dispense food at any time, ensuring your pet never goes hungry.
  • Silent Operation: Feed your pets without any noise disturbances. The feeder operates quietly and ensures smooth food dispensing without getting stuck.

  • Customizable 30s Voice Recorder: Record a personalized 30-second voice message to encourage your pets to eat, even when you're not home. Simply long-press the "food" key to enter recording mode and push the button to end the recording.

  • Easy to Detach & Clean: Say goodbye to hard-to-remove hoppers and incomplete cleaning. The feeder's distribution tray is easily removable, and silicone blades can be rinsed thoroughly. Plus, the feeder includes a thickened stainless steel bowl that's easy to clean inside and out.

  • Wide Food Compatibility: Accommodates a variety of pet foods including dry, freeze-dried, and pellet foods. Suitable for grains less than 0.67in diameter, ensuring flexibility in food choices for your pets.

  • Large 4L Capacity: With a generous 4L (17 cups) capacity, the feeder can support an adult cat (12lbs) for about 25 days. Plus, a built-in desiccant box effectively absorbs moisture, keeping the food fresh and delicious for your pets.


  • Capacity: 4L (17 cups)
  • Food Compatibility: Dry, freeze-dried, and pellet foods (grains less than 0.67in diameter)
  • Voice Recorder: 30s custom recording
  • Material: Thickened stainless steel bowl, silicone blades
  • Package Content: Feeder x 1, Instruction Manual x 1


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Upgrade your pet's feeding experience with our Smart Pet Feeder. Order now and provide your pets with a convenient, efficient, and personalized feeding solution!

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