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Waist Belly Warming Mat

Waist Belly Warming Mat

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Carbon Fiber Heating Pad USB Charging Waist Belly Warming Mat

Bullet Points:
1、Fast Heating: Use 5V 2A power adapter, so the heating pad can achieve the desired effect.
2、Easy to Use: USB plug, the heating pad is easy to use, and it features foldable and waterproof, even heating and washable.
3、Good Insulation Effect: Composite fiber has good insulation effect; the pad is light weight and easy to carry, and it is suitable for outdoor camping or other activities in winter.
4、Please Note: It is forbidden for infants, disabled people and people who are not sensitive to heat to use this product.
5、Suitable for: The heating pad is suitable for clothes, vests, underwear, etc..

Input: 5V
Power: 8.5W
Thickness: 0.5 mm
Weight: about 40g
Size: about 10 * 20cm/3.94*7.87in
Scope: collar and back heating
Maximum temperature: up to 65 ° C

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