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Electric Feet Heater

Electric Feet Heater

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Electric Feet Heater Folding Portable Adjustable Thermostat Foot Warmer

1. Warm your leg in winter, Perfect for placing under desk for keep warm during working or study.
2. 165W radiant flat-panel heater provides space-saving warmth.
3. Freestanding, Quiet fast warm up and overheat protection, Portable and use anywhere.
4. Warm the Space - anywhere you sit with table heater.
5. No exposed heating coils, Electric radiant heat panel provides heat to legs and feet while saving space and increasing safety.
6. Energy efficient, low energy use, no overheating or tipping hazards.
7. Intelligent power off, power off when tilted/overturned, safe.

1. KR plug is ONLY for Korea;
2. have LED display.

* Voltage: 220V
* Power: 165W

Voltage :US 110V;EU/UK/AU 220V-240V
EU Plug:
European countries (excluding Britain), Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Brazil, Chile, Türkiye, Thailand, Morocco, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Algeria
KR Plug:
South Korea
UK Plug:
United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Qatar, Singapore, Bahrain, Kuwait, Nigeria, Maldives, Oman, Seychelles


Please use it while the heater is standing.

Due to safety considerations, when the heater is dumped, the product will automatically power off without heating.


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