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Luminous Lighting USB Cable

Luminous Lighting USB Cable

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Introducing the Luminous Lighting USB Cable, a cutting-edge solution for your charging and data transfer needs. This three-in-one optical data cable is designed for iPhone, Micro, and Type-C devices, ensuring compatibility with 99% of universal models. The cable's luminous light feature provides a subtle glow without causing glare or brightness issues. Crafted with premium metallurgic materials, each wire is resistant to rust and corrosion, guaranteeing durability and passing every test with flying colors. The updated synchronization system in iOS adapts seamlessly to any iOS device without intrusive pop-up windows, making charging and data transmission smoother than ever. Not only does this cable excel in performance, but it also boasts low energy consumption, energy savings, and an intelligent light control board that doubles its speed, ensuring secure and efficient use. Elevate your charging experience with the Luminous Lighting USB Cable – don't settle for anything less than the best!


  • Three-in-one design: Compatible with iPhone, Micro, and Type-C devices
  • Luminous light feature: Glows subtly without causing glare or brightness issues
  • Premium metallurgic materials: Rust and corrosion-resistant wires for enhanced durability
  • Updated synchronization system for iOS: Seamless adaptation to any iOS device without pop-up windows
  • Low energy consumption: Efficient power usage for energy savings
  • Intelligent light control board: Doubles charging speed for a secure and faster charging experience
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