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Art Mouse

Art Mouse

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Optical Wireless Mouse Slim Portable Noiseless Silent click

  • A tiny wireless receiver (stored in back of the mouse) provides stronger anti-interference ability, faster transmission speed and more reliable connection up to 15m (49 feet), without any hassle of additional wire and driver. Just plug and play.
  • Wireless connectivity for reliable usage
  • Advanced optical mouse with responsive tracking
  • Noiseless click, soft touch High dpi movement resolution works on most surfaces.
  • Wireless mouse reduces workspace clutter 3-button mouse for better functionality and fast scrolling capability

Wide Compatibility

  • Model Compatibility: PC, Laptop, Windows devices.
  • System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 2000, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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