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The Pet Care - Folding Bucket Food Storage

The Pet Care - Folding Bucket Food Storage

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Silicone Dog Lick Mat: A Healthier, Happier Mealtime for Your Pet!


  1. High-Quality Material: Crafted from premium silicone for durability and safety.

  2. Slow Feeding Design: Textured surface encourages slow licking, reducing bloating and aiding digestion.

  3. Mental Stimulation: Unique design keeps your dog engaged and entertained.

  4. Easy to Clean: Rinse with water or pop it in the dishwasher for effortless cleaning.

  5. Pet-Friendly: BPA-free and non-toxic, ensuring your pet's safety.


  • Healthy Eating: Encourages slow feeding to improve digestion and reduce bloating.

  • Anxiety Reduction: Calms and relaxes anxious dogs during mealtime.

  • Enrichment: Provides mental stimulation for a fun and engaging mealtime.

  • Long-Lasting: Built with high-quality materials for durability.

How to Use:

  1. Spread your pet's favorite treat or wet food onto the textured surface.

  2. Allow your dog to lick and enjoy their meal, promoting slow eating habits.

  3. Clean by rinsing with water or placing in the dishwasher.

Material: Premium Silicone

Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe or hand wash with mild soap and water.

Note: Always supervise your pet during use and ensure the mat is placed on a flat surface.

Elevate your pet's mealtime with our Silicone Dog Lick Mat. Whether you want to encourage healthier eating or provide mental stimulation, this lick mat is the perfect addition to your pet's routine. Order today and transform mealtime into a delightful and enriching experience for your furry friend!

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