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Pet GPS Tracking Collar

Pet GPS Tracking Collar

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- Excellent Design: it is compact and lightweight, and it will not cause any burden to pets, looks very cute.

- GPS Function: the pet tracker can locate your pet anywhere, you can see the location and movement of the pet on your phone.

- Security Fence: you can set an area around locator, alarming immediately when the pet getting in or out of the area.

- Remote Listening: setting the guardian's cell phone number to keep in touch.

- Callback Function: setting the callback number. And click the 'sure' button, the pet tracker will automatically call the phone number you set.

- Water-resistant Design: it is water-resistant and suitable for use in a variety of environments.

- 2 Location Modes: default

mode: upload location every hour, 3 - 5 days standby time; precise

mode: upload location every 30 seconds, 12 - 15 hours standby time


Material: ABS rubber

Network: GSM/GPRS

Battery: built-in 500mAh Li-ion battery

GPS accuracy: 2 - 5m

Storage temperature: -40 - 85 Deg.C

Working temperature: -20 - 55 Deg.C

Total collar length: 65cm

Adjustable collar circumference: 43 - 58cm


This is a very nice pet tracker. With the GPS function, it can tell you where your pet is at any time, avoid the loss of your pet. It can record the pet tracking within 3 months. You can even call the pet tracker by setting the family number. This is absolutely the best choice for you!

Package Included:

1*GPS Tracker


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