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TRIAD V3 Fast Charger

TRIAD V3 Fast Charger

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Introducing the TRIAD V3 – the epitome of wireless charging convenience, designed to seamlessly power all your Apple devices. Unveil a world free from cord clutter as TRIAD V3 boasts a sleek anodized aluminum alloy case, MagSafe compatibility, and lightning-fast wireless charging capabilities. With TRIAD V3, bid farewell to tangled cords and embrace a hassle-free charging experience that's three times faster than conventional chargers. From iPhones to Apple Watches and AirPods, TRIAD V3 ensures universal and swift charging, presenting a sleek solution to your charging needs.


  • Sleek Design: Crafted with a full-body anodized aluminum alloy case, TRIAD V3 exudes a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, adding a touch of elegance to your charging setup.

  • MagSafe Compatibility: Enjoy the convenience of MagSafe technology, ensuring secure and precise attachment for effortless charging with compatible Apple devices.

  • High-Speed Wireless Charging: Benefit from the cutting-edge technology embedded in TRIAD V3, offering high-speed wireless charging that is three times faster than traditional chargers, reducing waiting times for a fully powered device.

  • Universal Device Compatibility: Whether it's iPhones, Apple Watches, or AirPods, TRIAD V3 has you covered, providing a universal charging solution for all your Apple devices.

  • Tangle-Free Experience: Say goodbye to the frustration of tangled cords with TRIAD V3, as it streamlines your charging routine, allowing you to effortlessly and quickly charge multiple devices without the mess of wires.

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